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Event Reservation Form

Please contact Celebr8 first to inquire about the availability for your preferred date and time.

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Event Date: ______________________________Event Time:______________________ Total Number of Guests: __________ 

Final count must be given the Tuesday before the event. An extra charge will be assessed per child if count is changed after this date event.  Cancellation notice must be received a month prior to event date and $150.00 will be returned.  At least a $200.00 deposit is due with this contract to secure spot. Please review all of the Terms of Service.

Special Instructions: If you have any special requests or instructions for us, please include them below.  Be as detailed as possible!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My signature below indicates that I have read and understand Celebr8 Terms of Service, and that I agree to the payment structures, deadlines and restrictions outlined. I also recognize that some of the activities involve inherent risks, and I agree to assume any and all liability that may be associated with hiring Celebr8 and its agents to conduct activities at my event.

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Email form to and pay deposit with a check payable to “Celebr8”  or use PayPal.  

Remember: We must receive your contract and deposit to secure your party date. Dates are reserved on a first come, first served basis. If you have any question, please contact us. We look forward to making your event fun and memorable event.

Prices are subject to change.  Please note: ~  We cannot accept event reservations without the required deposit! ~ We will email you upon receipt of your contract and deposit to confirm the reservation. Party contracts received less than two weeks before a reserved party date may still be able to be accommodated (a $50 rush fee will apply to your total party cost). Celebr8 Terms Of service ~ Cancellations of reserved event dates: If you have reserved an event date but have not yet sent in your event reservation and deposit, and someone else expresses interest in the same date, we will notify you of the situation and give you “first option” to submit your contract and deposit. Process is as follows: 1 month before your party date: You will have 3 business days to submit your contract and deposit, after which we will offer the date to the other party. Less than 1 month before your party date: You will have 48 hours to submit your contract and deposit before losing priority. Once the date is offered to both parties, it is first reserved, first scheduled! ~ Changes to contracted party information: Notify us ASAP if there are any changes to your event as outlined in our event Terms of Service (i.e. number of children expected, party time, hours requested, location, etc.) The sooner you notify us of a change, the more likely it is we can accommodate it. Please note: We may not be able to accommodate party date, time and length changes, regardless of when they are requested. As well, we may not be able to provide the agreed upon craft/favor if the guest count is increased from the original estimate. ~ We will make one home visit, if the party will be at your home, to discuss and finalize plans and to decide the best places to place our equipment and arrange for activities. ~You may change your total number of expected children with us up to the Tuesday before the party. We realize that getting confirmation for all of the attendees can be difficult at times but in order to have your event packaged and prepared we MUST have a final tally the Tuesday before the event date (for Saturday and Sunday events…days are adjusted for week day parties). If the number must be changed there will be an add-on price per extra child, usually $10/child (this is additional to the per child price). We recommend including the children that have not RSVP’d and you feel strongly will come. ~ Please submit the balance of your bill when our staff arrives to set up for the event. You should write a check for the balance, due to our staff, made out to Celebr8. ~  We will email you upon receipt of your contract and deposit to confirm the details We thank you for the chance to make your event the ABSOLUTE most joyful experience that it can be.