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Celebr8 In House Field Trip:

Celebr8 In House Field Trips are designed to meet your calendar themes, or we can provide one for you. We offer 30 minute or 1 hour classes filled with music, stories, movement and of course fun. Children will take home a project they created and a newsletter to parents. Cost is based on the total number of participating students and cost of materials. Working with your budget, $5 - $12 per child, with 1/2 of total as a deposit due at booking.

Celebr8 Mini Theater Sessions:

Celebr8 Art:

​​​Celebr8 Art is a monthly program. Each weekly class is an hour long during which we use music, stories, and movement, while working on a project. Examples are: Yummy Art, Awesome Artist, Recycle/Reuse/Repurpose, Love Literature and Wearable Art. Children will take home many masterpieces and a newsletter to parents explaining what their child did during class. Tuition of $55 per child is paid monthly.

Celebr8 Mini Theater Sessions are 4 weekly - 1 hour classes. We will create props, puppets and practice lines to perform a short play for parents at the end of the session. Depending on the class size, plays may include "The Little Red Hen", "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" or "Are You My Mommy" $65 tuition for session.

Continued Education For Staff:

School Event Photo Booth will be set up to match your event theme. Photo shoots are popular for Mother's and Father's Day, Book Fairs and Field Days. Photos will be taken and enhanced if needed by Celebr8 and digitally returned to you to be printed, used on your schools website or other social media.

$110 for set up and 1 hour of photography, Additional hour $75.

School Event Photo Booth:

Continued Education For Staff: For our fellow Montessorian's, we provide a 3 hour "make and take" workshop. Topics include all areas of the classroom. Workshops will begin with discussion of the topic area and conclude with making materials that can go on your shelf the next day. Many of our workshops can be created for traditional childcare centers as well. $35 per staff member with discounts for groups of 10 or more.