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1. Reservations
To book an event, please contact Celebr8 to reserve your desired party date. Download the Event Reservation Form from the Event Reservation link and return the contract and deposit to hold the reservation. deposits may be made personally or by paypal. If the reservation is made less than two weeks before the party, there will be a $50.00 rush fee added to the total event cost.
2. Contract/Deposit
A completed Celebr8 Event Contract and a deposit for $200.00 should be submitted once a party date has been reserved * NOTE: We cannot accept event contracts without the deposit. Upon receipt of your contract and deposit, we will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss the details. Deposits paid using a credit card will incur a 3% surcharge.
3. Party Availability
Party booking is on a first come, first serve basis. Celebr8 will try to accommodate your desired event date; however, if your desired date is not available, Celebr8 will work with you to find an available time.
4. Final Payment
You will be presented a final bill at the party; at this time, the balance of the total event cost (less the deposit paid up front) plus sales tax will need to be paid in full. Please note: Credit Card payments will incur a 3% surcharge.
5. Cancellation of Party
If you need to cancel your party for any reason, you will need to contact Celebr8 one month prior to your event date in order to receive a full refund of your deposit, minus a $50.00 cancellation fee. If you cancel your reservation less than one month before the party date, we will not be able to refund your deposit. However, we will be happy to reschedule your party for another time. If you choose to cancel your rescheduled party, your deposit will be forfeited.
* Cancellation of Reserved Party Date:
If you have reserved a party date, but have not submitted your party contract and deposit, your party date is not confirmed. If another customer wishes to book a party on the date you reserved, we will contact you and give you *first option* to submit your contract/deposit. Process is as follows:
1 MONTH before your party date:
You have 3 business days to submit your contract and deposit, after which we will offer the date to the other client.
LESS THAN ONE MONTH before your party date:
You have 48 hours to submit your contract and deposit before losing priority. Once the date has been offered to both clients, it is first contracted, first scheduled.
6. Changes to Party Contracts
Please notify  Celebr8 ASAP if there are any changes to your party as outlined in your party contract, i.e. number of children expected, party start time, length of party, location, etc. The sooner you notify Celebr8 of a change, the more likely we will be able to accommodate the change. We may not be able to accommodate party date, start time and length regardless of when the change is requested. And we may not be able to provide the agreed upon crafts and/or favors if the guest count is higher than the original estimate. In this event, Celebr8 will work with you to choose a craft/favor that we have available for the number of guests you are expecting.
* You will receive a confirmation email the week before your party. It will list the choices of crafts, activities, and table d*cor chosen . You will be asked to send the guests first names and your final count by the following Tuesday morning. If your final count is not submitted that day, we will plan to have the maximum count given on the contract.
We realize that getting confirmation for all of the attendees can be difficult at times, but in order to have your party packaged and ready for your guests, we MUST HAVE A FINAL TALLY THE TUESDAY BEFORE THE PARTY DATE!
If the number must be changed after the Tuesday before, there will be an additional charge per child, usually $10 each. We recommend including the children that have not RSVP*d.

**Celebr8 assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents caused before, during or after your party. Your party hostess will work to ensure that your guests are treated respectfully and safely.
**Celebr8 is not responsible for allergic reactions to wearing any costumes or consuming any food or beverages before, during or after the party. It is the responsibility of the client to confirm with their guests* parents or guardians and notify Celebr8 prior to the party of any guests with specific allergies.

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